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Haiti 2015 Back To School Giveaway

The Keturah Hamilton Foundation hosted a hundred and two children in Haiti at By The Sea Restaurant Hotel on Friday August 14, 2015. The beautiful, well mannered boys and girls were accompanied by their principal and parents. The children sat attentively with such innocence and hunger for a life of normalcy. 

The strength they possessed was breathtaking and an inspiration to me and everyone involved. After refreshments were served, the boys and girls lined up and received their school supplies and other goodies from our dedicated volunteers. 

Despite all the devastation these children have experienced, their eyes were still full of love and hope. The Keturah Hamilton Foundation is thankful for all the volunteers who traveled to Haiti to be a part of this fundamental humanitarian journey and to the sponsors who made it possible for these amazing children to have hope and to know they are not alone. 

Love is a powerful tool that can move mountains and love was certainly in the air. We love you great country and people of Haiti. Thank you for your bravery.