Shay Domingo

Shay Domingo "I have to say serving with the Keturah Hamilton Foundation has changed and moved my heart so deeply. This organization is beyond giving, helpful, and loving to the community. I get so excited everytime I get an opportunity to go out and serve. I have to say I am a big supporter of this Foundation and I pray it continues to grow until it's known across the globe."-Shay Domingo

Nakta Pahlevan

I am so grateful to be a part of the Keturah Hamilton Foundation. It is a pleasure to donate and see the amazing results that has impacted the lives of these wonderful children and giving them a chance for a brighter future. I am honored to support an organization that truly practice love and togetherness. " It is one world and we are all one family so let us stand together as one." -Nakta Pahlevan

Shayla Michelle

As I recall my first time volunteering with the Keturah Hamilton Foundation, we met first to organize clothes and shoes for women, men, boys, and girls. Immediately, I was blown away by the intense care and passion from the group, and It certainly did not stop there. There were bars of soap, towels, tampons, toothbrushes & toothpaste for donation, as well as a gift bag for each recipient that day. These were household commonalities and in that moment I realized I sometimes take these for granted. All of this, was in addition to a delicious well-rounded meal & drink for each patron. I was STUNNED at the immense QUALITY of every single thing put together that day. Kings and Queens would be honored to eat the quality of the food served here. Finally, we reached our giveaway destination- Skid Row in Downtown LA. The profound human connections from all parties and gratitude literally... blew my mind. The stories I heard that day stick with me now and teach me to appreciate life. This day drove me to want to give more with this foundation while I am alive, well, and able. I learn so many powerful life lessons every time I volunteer and can honestly say I feel personal, human and spiritual growth. Whether it be financial support that gives this foundation the means to organize such events local or International such as the library and homework center Keturah has been able to create, or by the time we give, it touches my heart. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had in my life. I am so graciously honored to be apart of such an incredible foundation. Any human being with the ability should give in one way or another and it will change your life forever, as it has done mine."-- Shayla Michelle


This is my first foundation I have ever worked with. I have been working with the Keturah Hamilton foundation over the past two years. I feel amazing being able to help all of the wonderful causes. Donating blankets to the homeless, feeding the homeless and the children of Jamaica. The list goes on. This is an amazing foundation and Keturah Hamilton really cares about people. I'm so happy to be working with them. -Maya

Sabrina Won

"I love being a part of the Keturah Hamilton Foundation. Not only does it help the less fortunate students in Jamaica with all aspects of learning, the foundation reaches out locally in the US feeding the hungry and providing clothes to the homeless which I was proud to be a part of and plan on continuing to serve in this way." - Sabrina Won

Tameka Wright

I love being a part of The Keturah Hamilton Foundation. This is a dynamic non-profit organization that impacts the lives of Students in Jamaica and reaching beyond to other third world countries. The foundation and its programs provides children with books and stationaries as well as a Library and Homework Learning Center to help and assist the children that are less fortunate in Jamaica. The opportunity this foundation has given to students to learn and expand their horizons through books from different genres to read throughout the year as well as advisors and teachers to assist and encourage them. I highly recommend The Keturah Hamilton Foundation because the program not only assist them in reading but also affords them the opportunity to increase their knowledge of reading, grammar, mathematical and computer skills as they enjoy and learn about themselves and become reflective thinkers. I will be volunteering this year and hopefully many years to come. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone who just want to make a difference. -Tameka Wright

Brittany Sinkler

The Keturah Hamilton Foundation provides amazing humanitarian support to the community. I was lucky to receive a scholarship from the foundation and it was a tremendous help in my ability to afford college. As a single parent and first generation college student, my resources were limited. At a time where I was beginning to think that I could not continue my education because of financial struggles, an angel was sent my way. The Keturah Hamilton Foundation helped me achieve my lifetime dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. They provide hope to many people; I am looking forward to the day to where I can help others as the foundation has done for me! -Brittany Sinkler


"I am a very strong supporter of the Keturah Hamilton Foundation. I became very impressed with this organization after learning about the missionary work they  have been doing in Jamaica. Many of the less fortunate, children and families are being blessed by the wonderful work the foundation is doing. With the opening of the new Library and Homework center many of the residents of Jamaica can utilize this facility and educate themselves and reach their full potential. The foundation has so many up and coming projects that I look forward to support and giving my  donation. In the little time the foundation has been operating I have seen them do more then other organizations that have been in operation for years. May God continue to bless the Keturah Hamilton Foundation to grow and enhance the lives of others all over the world." -Kaleem