Visit to Financement De la

The Keturah Hamilton Foundation visited Financement De La Cloture Helpage International Home in Haiti on Monday August 17, 2015. The visit brought tears to Miss Hamilton’s eyes, as she witnessed the condition in which the elders were living. But as tears ran down Keturah Hamilton’s face, joy filled the hearts of these courageous men and women. No circumstances could get or keep them down. They were filled with life, love, hope and a light that no disaster is powerful enough to dim. Through it all they never lost faith. A hot meal and beverage was served to these veterans. They gathered around and kept thanking God for life and the meal. What we take for granted is what the citizens of Haiti are thankful and grateful for. The event was a success and the love was contagious. Thanks Haiti for allowing us to be involved and be inspired. #Haiti2015